Which MegaSlam hoop is right for you?

Which MegaSlam hoop is right for you?

From first glance, MegaSlam hoops can look like random numbers and letters, but it's actually a lot easier than you think.

There are three varients of MegaSlam hoops:

  1. MegaSlam, the height-adjustable series
  2. FX, the fixed-height series
  3. ProGym, the wall-mounted series

Each number represents the width of the backboard in inches, for example: a MegaSlam 60 has a 60" backboard, and an FX 72 has a 72" backboard.

Backboard Width
Height-adjustable (MegaSlam)
Fixed-height (FX) Wall-mounted (Pro Gym)
72 Inches MegaSlam XL FX Pro
72 Inches MegaSlam 72 FX 72
Pro Gym 72
60 Inches MegaSlam 60 FX 60
Pro Gym 60 
54 Inches MegaSlam 54


72 inch backboards are used in professional courts, so they are best for giving a parallel experience to a stadium.

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